How much is it?

Tickets are available for purchase online and on board (for Purple and Red Line).

Clearwater One Way Prices:
- Adults: $4.00
- Seniors (55+): $3.00
- Military: $3.00
- Clearwater Beach Employees: $3.00
- Children (4 to 12): $2.00
- Youth (3 and under): FREE Dunedin One Way Prices: - Adults: $8.00
- Seniors (55+): $6.00
- Military: $6.00
- Dunedin Residents (with proof): $5.00
- Children (4 to 12): $4.00
- Youth (3 and under): FREE

Where do I park?

There is FREE parking in Downtown Clearwater and Downtown Dunedin for ferry guests, visible on two maps on our GETTING THERE tab. Make sure you follow all posted signage for specific pricing. Please do not assume all lots are free.

Are you handicap accessible?

Vessels are equipped with ramps that fit all standard wheelchairs. All City docks that we use are floating docks, which follows ADA guidelines.

Can I bring my pet?

We do not mind well-behaved pets on board as long as it is not a disruption to our guests. All Service Pets are welcome.

Are there bathrooms?

No, there are no bathrooms on board. Please make sure to use restrooms before your trip.

Can I book a Private Charter for a group?

Yes, all private charters rides must be pre-arranged 2 weeks in advance. Reservations can be made by emailing

How much time should I allow myself to arrive and board the Ferry?

We have departure times posted on the ROUTE & SCHEDULE tab and we suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to boat departure to give yourself time to park and walk to the dock. Our departures will always be within 5 minutes of the noted departure times.

Can I bring my bike on board?

USCG Regulations do not allow our Captains to take any bikes on board our vessels.

Do you accommodate groups?

We are able to accommodate groups most of the time if arrangements are made at least 2 weeks prior to the sail date. Please call our office at 727-755-0297.

Is there an advantage to buying a ticket online?

Yes, guests that purchase their tickets online are boarded first assuming they arrive prior to their departure time, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before their departure time. Guests that miss their scheduled time or decide to board at a later time are not guaranteed a seat and are treated as stand by guests.

Do you need to wear a mask while onboard?

No, masks are not required per CDC guidelines.

How do I get to your ferry stops?

Please visit our Getting To Us page for information regarding our stops and for directions that you may enter into your GPS.

How does the ferry route work?

Currently the ferry is operating Friday - Sunday with a one boat schedule. Our route includes both the Clearwater stops and Dunedin. The one boat journey begins in Downtown Clearwater, then to Clearwater Beach Marina, then to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, then to North Beach Clearwater and ends in Dunedin. Then it turns back around to head to Downtown Clearwater following the same route as noted in the attached spreadsheet. As it gets later in the day it skips the CMA and North Beach stops to make more time to/from Dunedin. Please see these departure times moving from left to right. Note that there may be longer trips to achieve CMA and North Beach stops.